Saturday, September 22, 2007

Knoxville, TN to Home

The day started at 6:30am (can't seem to sleep late on the road). Got up, repacked all the (now dry) camping equipment, ate the continental breakfast, and checked out of the motel.

Decided to ride home via the Tail of the Dragon road, US 129 which I had seen in my routing to the motel last night. Set the GPS for Tail of the Dragon and started out.

It took a while to get to the 2 lane road that I knew as US 129, but after a good while, things started looking familiar. First, the big lakes, then the rise to the observation area overlooking the dam. While at the observation area talking to a couple of riders from Florida, they told me that the cops were hiding out on the road, so to take it slow.

I heeded their advice and, sure enough, there were 2 Highway Patrol cars stationed along the way. I couldn't decide if they were trying to catch folks or just trying to keep the speeds down. I kept mine down and got no attention from them.

Stopped at the store at the bottom of the run, bought a tee shirt for my grandson, and headed east towards Clayton.

In Maggie Valley, I was needing gas and getting a bit hungry. So, I stopped at the Grizzly Grill for a sandwich. I don't think they brought what I ordered (ordered a BBQ Beef sandwich, and what they brought looked and tasted like a roast beef sandwich). It was okay, but not what I wanted. Didn't question it because I wanted to keep on the move.

Got gas and started out for home, wondering if I could ride the entire 289 miles to Clayton without buying more gas.

The ride home was uneventful. I did not need gas; the light came on about 25 miles from home, well within the capability of the reserve (tank holds 7 gallons on the RT). The ride was hot and boring.

When I pulled in, the odometer on the GPS showed a total of 2,741 miles over the 7 days of the trip. Today's ride was about 400 miles (I lost count of exact miles on the last 2 days).

The trip was good. I learned that I love the RT. Super brakes. Great power. Cruise control is wonderful. Adjustable windshield is good. Adjustable suspension on the fly is great. Luggage cases (and liners) are great. But I need a good seat; the factory seat chews my butt and thighs after multiple days of long riding. Otherwise, the bike was great.

Missouri is a good place to ride; the roads through the Ozarks are fun. Not as good as those in NC/VA/TN, but good in their own respect. The state parks in Missouri are good and pretty as well. A good state to visit.

Glad I did the trip, but it's always good to come home to my own bed!

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repete5 said...

Way to go Malcolm!!! Great report ... I enjoyed riding along.