Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Ride

This is my first trip on my new ride, a 2005 BMW R 1200 RT. Bought in late July from a local guy. 12,500 miles and in great shape at a good price. Never thought I'd own a BMW; in fact, I never even had an interest in getting a beemer.

Had planned to get a Gold Wing and was looking for one. Saw the RT in the classified ads and called on a whim. Looked at it and liked it. The more I thought about this bike vs a Gold Wing, the deciding factors were the image of a Gold Wing (old guys) and the price of the RT (good price). The more I stewed over it, the more it sounded right to get the beemer. I can always get a Gold Wing when I get older!

The RT is a very nice bike. Great condition, and loaded with stuff (cruise control, electronic suspension control, ABS, great side cases and tank bag, and good tires). I've added a Migsel bracket for the GPS. It's outfitted pretty much like I want it. Gets good fuel economy (about 55 at legal speeds, and 45 if legal + 10 or so. Stops on a dime! Love the brakes.

And, it rides much "easier" than the Vstrom. Hard to describe, but it just takes less energy to ride than the Vstrom. I love and still have the Vstrom, but the beemer is just easier to ride.

This ride is somewhat of an experiment. Want to try out the RT. Want to try some bike camping alone. Want to ride the back roads as much as possible. Want to see how all of this feels. If it feels good, I hope to do a lot of it in the future. Lots of places to see, but with limited funds, this seems to be a decent way to go (mix of motels and camping).

Plan to leave home Sunday, September 16, around 9am and head west. Hope to ride to Mammoth Cave National Park for the night. Plan to camp there and maybe do a cave tour if the timing works out okay.

Ultimate destination is Missouri. Want to see the homeplace of my aunt's husband (Joplin). Want to ride some of the old Route 66. Want to see Branson to see what that's about (and to drink a beer for my old friend, Stacy, who never made it there). Want to see and ride the Ozarks. Missouri just sounded like a neat place to go!

That's it for tonight. Blog posts will be intermittent, depending on Internet access. But I'll write when I can.

Ride Safe!!

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clay s pennington said...

Hey Malcolm, sounds like you have had a good trip so far. Hope you see lots of "stuff" and do it safely! Rainbow is on for the dates we discussed. Let me know when it is time for that beer. Be safe. cp